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LUSNA MACHINERY CO, LTD. is dedicated to offer wide range of products that are well matched to the needs of modern farmers and contractors. Based on our long-standing experience in the development , mass production and exporting in international markets of agricultural machinery offers LUSNA its customers all types of agricultural machineries. As we are Lusna Machinery, we are committed to investing and focusing on RE&DE by High–tech solutions for professional farmers feeding the world. We create excellent solutions for our customers by carefully listening to their needs and exceeding their expectations. Our LUSNA brand primarily signifies trust in domestic and international markets. Relying on modern production lines and under a rigorous control, we offer products with high quality, resistance and longevity, manufactured for international markets. At this point, with manufacturing facility totaling approximately 15,000 m2 expands to keep up with growing demand, we also expand our quality control program to ensure our products continue to meet the highest standards. Highly-trained and experienced welders - In-position, robot welding in a controlled, clean-air facility and advanced laser cutting technology . We also perform precision bending using precision press brakes with capacities.A cutting-edge powder coating paint process Instead of wet paint for an extremely durable finish that protects the resale value of your equipment. Furthermore, in fully developed assembly unit every parts of our machineries assembled by our professional installation team as well as final quality controls. LUSNA Machinery Co, LTD. strategy is maintaining an efficient production and management process, focusing on investigation and development with the objective to provide products with high quality standards, in order to reach new markets and clients.
We; YIGITSAN AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY which took ours first steps in the business world with ours objectives inclined towards the future in 1983, hold on production activities with innovative approach. The newly established R&D unit to present the excitement of our products, our farmers are on international standard. We; (YIGITSAN AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY) produce high quality product serial and order request according to international norms as “TSE” and “CE” Quality management system. The company exports to 10 countries on three continents, our biggest goal is to become a brand internationally.
Starting of our Foreign Trade experince begins in 1994 years we have completed our profession with WIRAX s.r.l. company where the head Office in Romania under the name of WIRAX INTERNATIONAL in Turkey in order to provide you better service. VIRAKS INTERNATIONAL company is always in connection with the manufacturers which produces the best quality with the best price. As known,The Agricultural sector has a seriously spurted in Turkey last years and due to this reason the Agricultural Machines where produced in Turkey has made a name for success of the quality and also for the price. We started off this way as VIRAKS INTERNATIONAL to try to do best and supply the best quality with the best price.We thank to all people who together with us and the all customers.
Since we started out with production of agricultural machinery, we have mostly wished to enrich national economy. We have always achieved our dreams and objectives accordingly. • Fodder-Mixing Machines • Manure Spreader • Land Levelers • Loaders • Tractor Basket With Tipping Mechanism • Spiral (Grain Elevator) • Conveyor Belt System
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